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Double Roller Press Granulator

Double Roller Press Granulator without drying process, room temperature granulation, a molding , less investment, quick effect, good economic returns. Double Roller Press Granulator is applicable to wide range.
Model DZJ-I 1.0/DZJ-I 2.0/DZJ-I 3.0
Power 15kw/18.5kw/30kw
Production 1-1.5/1.5-2.5/2.5-3.5
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Description of Double Roller Granulator: 

Double roller press granulator belongs to the extrusion slip model, its working principle is: the motor drives the belt and pulley, transfer to the drive shaft through the speed reducer, through the open gear synchronously with the driven shaft, the double rollers rotate in the opposite direction.The raw material input through the feed hopper, and after the extrusion molding, demoulding granulating, through a chain transfer to crushing and screening, after separating, the finished granules come out, and the powder will be back to the mixer, to granulation again. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the continuous input of material, to achieve mass production. 

The double roller press granulator machine overview
Our factory dedicated to provide compound fertilizer granulation equipment and technology service to all the customers, including the general layout design for an annual output of 1-100 thousand tons without drying equipments, the production of complete sets of technical guidance, commissioning, all in one service.
At present, after the development of many years of experience in manufacturing many compound fertilizer extrusion machine equipment, adopting the high-quality anti-corrosion wear-resistant material, careful manufacture, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long service life, high rate of grain, the domestic advanced fertilizer granule machine ,products sold through the country, this kind of granulator is applicable to wide range of raw materials.

Features of Double Roller Granulator:

1.The roller press granulator is without drying process, room temperature granulation, a molding,less investment, quick effect, good economic returns. 
2. Compound fertilizer on roller extruding and granulating machine power of small reliable operation, no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, process layout is reasonable, advanced technology, low production cost. 
3. The roller press granulator machine can be used for extensive applicability of the raw materials, the granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical fertilizer, feed, coal. metallurgy and other raw materials, can produce various concentrations and types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer etc.)compound fertilizer.
4. The roller press granulator machine , especially raw earth carbonate ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, to fill the gap, the leading domestic level, is the national environment protection technology promotion project. 
Model DZJ-I 1.0 DZJ-I 2.0 DZJ-I 3.0 DZJ-I 4.0 DZJ-II 1.0 DZJ-II 2.0
Production(t/h) 1~1.5 1.5~2.5 2.5~3.5 3.5~4.5 1~2 1.5~2.5
Power 15KW 18.5KW 30KW 45KW 15KW 18.5KW
Pressure roller Spec Φ150×22O Φ150×30O Φ186×30O Φ300×30O Φ150×22O Φ150×30O
Feed size ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm
Finished product Spec Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20 Φ2.5~Φ30 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20
Speed reducer Model ZQH350 ZQH400 ZQH400 ZQH500    
Material moisture content 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5%

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